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Ever wondered how big a closure is?

Somebody asked me yesterday how to find out how big the runtime representation of a type is. I hacked this up using the internal unpackClosure# primitive: {-# LANGUAGE MagicHash,UnboxedTuples #-} module Size where import GHC.Exts import Foreign unsafeSizeof :: a … Continue reading

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Benchmarking recent improvements in parallelism

Over the last few months we’ve been making various improvements to the performance of parallel programs with GHC. I thought I’d post a few benchmarks so you can see where we’ve got to. This is a fairly random collection of … Continue reading

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Redesigning GHC’s build system

Over recent months we’ve been migrating more and more of GHC’s build system from make (+GNU extensions) into Cabal.  It seemed like the obvious thing to do: Cabal is a generic build and packaging system for Haskell libraries, and GHC’s … Continue reading

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Comparing concurrent linked-list implementations in Haskell

Here’s a paper I wrote recently with Martin Sulzmann and Edmund Lam: Comparing the performance of concurrent linked-list implementations in Haskell (to be presented at DAMP’09).  The basic idea is to analyse the performance and scaling characteristics of the various … Continue reading

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Bootstrapping cabal-install

After installing GHC 6.10.1, you probably want to get cabal-install installed as quickly as possible, so you can grab all that Haskell library goodness from Hackage with the minimum of fuss.  Once the Haskell Platform is available, this will be … Continue reading

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GHC 6.10.1 is out!

It seems appropriate to initialise this blog with a release announcement, so here it is: the GHC developers commend the new GHC 6.10.1 release to the community! There’s plenty of juicy stuff in this release, here’s the headlines: New language … Continue reading

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